Remember to aim high!

Last week I went swimming for the first time in over a year. I thought I should take it easy, since it had been a while. I wanted to manage 500m, though, and I did. I felt pretty good about that. Until I realized that I was just taking it easy. I thought I could probably do a little bit better, if I pushed myself just a bit. Maybe I could have managed 750m if I had just kept on swimming, instead of settling for “hitting my target.”

If you aim low, you’ll never push yourself, so tonight I told myself that I would swim 1250m. I didn’t. But I managed 1050m, which is more than double what I did last time.

Remember to aim high. Even if you don’t hit your target, you may still do better than you expected.

Warning! Small balls!

(I realize this is probably old news by now, but I just noticed it so I’ll post the picture I took anyway.)

I would think that the smaller the balls are, the smaller the risk of choking. It’s when you get the big balls in your mouth that you’re in trouble…


Really, Lego?