Ashamed to be human

Today I saw a video on YouTube that made me cry. It made me feel dirty. It made me feel like Leeloo in The Fifth Element, researching war.

Ten military police officers beating two protesters

In the video, captured within the last couple of days, you can see Egyptian military police, armed with riot gear, savagely beating protesters. Beating them with their sticks. Kicking them while they are down. Stomping a woman in the chest while she is being dragged across the ground.

Military police officer stomps a woman in the chest

At one point, one of the “law enforcers” jumps, stomping down with both feet, on a man lying on his side.

Military police officer jumping on protester

These people are psychopaths, but I still wouldn’t want anyone to do to them what they are doing to these protesters. There are NO extenuating circumstances for these actions. There is NO excuse for beating someone like this.┬áThere is NO way to justify jumping on another human being!

How is this even fucking happening?!?

Today I am ashamed of being a human being…..



It’s been a few hours, I’ve calmed down a bit. Rationally, I know that shit like this goes on all the time. But reading or hearing about it just isn’t the same as seeing moving pictures. Seeing it happen makes it real on a whole new level. And it’s still so fucking wrong….