Truth is the first casualty of war

Today marks the beginning of the first hearing in the case against Bradley Manning, the US Army private who is accused of leaking almost half a million documents and two videos to WikiLeaks, including the horriffic video dubbed “Collateral Murder“.

A couple of days ago, The Huffington Post published a very moving piece by Graham Nash titled Bradley Manning Is “Almost Gone”. I highly recommend it.

“Regardless of whether you think that Manning is right or wrong, innocent or guilty, hero or villain, saint or sinner, he is a human being and should be treated as such.”

What really brought tears to my eyes, though, was the song “Almost Gone” (The Ballad of Bradley Manning)┬áthat Graham Nash and James Raymond has recorded. Together with the accompanying video, it paints a very sad picture of the U.S….

Tell the truth and it shall set you free….. Yeah, right….

Please go read, watch, and listen.

And please show your support for Bradley Manning in any way you can.