Sunday Comic: Incentive to Create

The Sunday Comic is back!

Here’s another favourite Mimi and Eunice comic strip from the archives of Nina Paley!

no one would create without monetary incentives / nonsense people create for all kinds of reasons / who paid you to say that

I love this one because it touches on a very important part of the whole Copyright issue. Many proponents of Copyright argue that without it, no new cultural works would be created. This is wrong, and it should be obvious to everyone. But, of course, it’s not.

The thing is, artists have always created art. Without Copyright, artists would keep creating art. Do you actually think that if Copyright was taken away, writers would stop writing, painters would stop painting, and photographers would stop taking pictures?

Sunday Comic: Watermark

A Sunday Comic on an actual sunday? Surely not!

Yes! It’s true, I am actually posting this sunday comic while it is still sunday. :)

Here’s another favourite Mimi and Eunice comic strip from the archives of Nina Paley!

try my new cake / gah it smells like pee! that's because i peed on it / why? i don't want anyone to steal it

This is pretty much what Watermarking and DRM are all about. You take a perfectly good product and make it less usable and less enjoyable for the people who actually paid for it. In other words, you punish your paying customers.

In case you didn’t know, pirate cake generally comes without the pee, thus tasting a lot better. So, is it any wonder that a lot of people prefer pirate cake?

Sunday Comic: Balance

Ok, so once again, it’s actually monday here in Sweden…. But hey, in a large part of the world it’s still sunday, so this post still counts!

Here’s another favourite Mimi and Eunice comic strip from the archives of Nina Paley!

copyrights all about balance balancing creators' and the public's need for free expression / with copyright lawyers need for paychecks

Ever noticed how most corporations pushing for stricter legislation to “protect creators” never actually create anything themselves, except lawsuits?

Sunday Comic (on a monday!): Censorship vs. Copyright

FAIL! Sunday went by so fast that I missed posting a comic strip!

Here it is, though, another Mimi and Eunice strip from Nina Paley!

They're totally different!

This is another favourite of mine, as it highlights a real problem with copyright legislation today. The fact that it is increasingly used as a tool for censorship.

I’ll be back tonight with a new Album of the Week!

Sunday Comic: Price vs. Value

Sunday is almost over here in Sweden, and I nearly missed posting a sunday comic. :)

But as promised, here is another Mimi and Eunice strip from Nina Paley!

how much does your love cost / love is free / don't you value love

I love this strip so much, because it illustrates how price and value are very different things. A lot of artists, musicians and writers worry that low prices, for instance on ebooks, de-value their work. This is simply not true.

There are other kinds of value than that which is measured in dollars. And the more a piece is shared and enjoyed, the more valuable it becomes. Sometimes even in dollars.

The monetary value of an ebook, or a song, is how much money it’s brought in since its publication, not the price of each copy. If an ebook is priced at $1,000 dollars but sells not a single copy, is it really worth anything compared to a $0.99 ebook that sells 10,000 copies?

Please come back tomorrow for the Album of the Week, where I recommend another album you can download and enjoy free of charge and add to its value by doing it!