Shooting guns is fun!

TargetToday, a couple of friends and I went to the shooting range. We arrived late, but were allowed to join in anyway, which was very nice. We each got to borrow a .22 calibre gun and shot 50 shots, in 10 series of five. J and I both had semi-automatics and C used a revolver.

Personally, I’ve mostly shot air guns in the past. The only “real” firearm I’ve tried before today was a .22 rifle at that same place when I was about 15.

I was surprised at how affordable a hobby this really is. I was expecting it to be quite expensive. I guess it is, if you’re shooting larger calibres and have your own guns. But if you stick to borrowing a .22 on site, it’ll only cost you 30 SEK, plus 35 SEK for 50 rounds. The member’s fee is only about 650 SEK a year, so as long as you can get to the actual place, it’s really a sport anyone can afford.

Shooting the .38 Special

The people at the gun club were all really nice and made us all feel welcome. One guy in particular was super cool, because he let us try five shots each with his .38 Special after we had finished our own series. That was pretty fucking awesome…. :)

Much fun was had by all, nobody was injured, and we’re going back next sunday!